Maleas Ismaren

Gifted but rookie pilot, former Alderaanian noble.


- Maleas Ismaren is the 4th child of House Ismaren’s current ruler, aged 26.

- From a very early age I knew that I would never feel comfortable around the schemes and politics so crucial to my peers, being prone to uncaring and reckless behaviour.

- Alienated my family by always befriending the staff, preferring the honest and simple relationships they offered to the calculating and scheming friendships made across Alderaan Houses – plus it was fun seeing my fathers face go pale then red then pale.

- Unwillingly caused a Chiss family to be torn apart, when my father sold Clarkks parents to a Hutt, in order to “cleanse” Clarrks poor influence on me, by making me spend more time in the garage than my tutoring.

- Feeling indebted to Clarkk for what happened, I made sure he never went without work. Clarkk to my knowledge doesn’t know the reason for the sale of the parents.

- Got my assests frozen by parents at my 20th birthday, when I bought a YT-1300 freighter for myself and went off on a 2 week party trip with “less savory people” causing my family to lose quite a bit of status.

- Began working as a contracter, finding that there were lots of credits to be had on Alderaan, other houses taking pleasure in hiring a child of House Ismaren to do their lowly work.

- Last words with parents spoken in anger, mother telling me I could never return if I flew off on another task. A prophecy the Empire made sure became true.

- Disillusioned and lost, I burned through my credit stores flying around aimlessly, the only company being Clarkk, who has kept me from going completely off the rails.

- 3 things fill my head currently. Wishing the end of the Empire and the realisation that I am now the ruler of House Ismaren, a dead house of a ghost planet. A seed of responsibility – and for the first time in my life family pride – growing. And finally the need to make a living to keep the 2 former points alive.

Maleas Ismaren

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