Lancer Altair


Colonist, Politico
Force Sensitive

Obligation: (Family) 5 points Sister in trouble with a Hutt Cartel. Trying to keep her safe.

Motivation: (Spirituality) Finding a meaning with his life.

Force powers (force rating 1):
Sense – Can sense living creatures at short distance, and emotional states.
Sense – Can commit increase difficulty of two attacks per round against him by two. Unless otherwise stated the force is commited to this.
Sense – Can commit to increase two attacks rolls each round by two.


Born on Nar Shaddaa in the Corellian Sector. Parents worked in a casino owned by the Hutt Cartel member Drogo the Hutt. During a hostile takeover both parents were killed, which left Lancer and Rita alone. Having no other choice, they found work on the street.
The life was rough, especially for Lancer since he tried to keep a certain moral standard, but it seemed that Rita didn’t mind the easy choices. After several years Lancer lost connection with Kira. After a search Lancer learned that she had been involved in some sort of deal with Drogo, whom had regained most of his domain.

Alot of time spent trying to help Rita. In which Altair was forced to take some contracts.

He kept working to get money and favors to help Rita.

By a sheer act of coincidence Lancer happened to get picked up by Maleas Ismarens party ship.

Worked a few contracts with him. But had to go back home, when rumors of Rita being made a slave surfaced to Lancer. It turned out that the situation was more complicated. She wasn’t really a slave, and actually didn’t want to get out of the business.

Right after Alderaans destruction, Lancer had a feeling that he should contact Maleas again, which he did. As soon as the news arrived Lancer was there to support Maleas.

During play:

Became a shareholder of a mining facility in Gavos.

XP 211 (166 from play, 45 from adventure log) (noted after session 12)

Lancer Altair

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