TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 11

We flew back to Tattoine. With our experience the local imperial garrison got easily bypassed.

At Jabbas palace he was pleased with the successfull mission, where we even got the competition as our guest. We got rewarded 100k credits and got to keep The Primordial. The Saan Consortium people were going to be fed to the Sarlakk.

Next we got another objective from Jabba whom apperantly always got some enemy or opportunity to exploit. We were to go to Cloud City and steal a priceless gem. Arys Shen a contact at the station would brief us on the situation.

The journey there were uneventful. At the station, our contact was found at the market place, but were being watched by some thugs. After a distraction a fight started. Lots of dead thugs and one dead civilian (whom it appeared were killed by the thugs) we fled the scene with our contact.

15 XP (total of 136)


vincekingston doktor_fritz

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