Tag: Cholganna


  • Session 4

    We arrived at [[Cholganna | Cholganna]]s system where we got caught in a asteroide field. [[The Titan | The Titan]] took alot of damage and after geting out of there we engaged 2 star fighters which we took out fairly easy. Then we scanned the planet and …

  • Session 5

    We spent the night in the Titan, resting and recovering. Next day we came to a valley, which turned out to actually be the ship Sa Naloor. It was filled with water. This part of the ship was the Engine part. We climbing forward some quite some difficulty. …

  • Cratala

    Smuggled out of Imperial Space shortly after the fall of the Seperatist movement by [[:captain-rel-harsol-2 | Capt Harsol]]. Now works for [[:jabba-the-hutt-3 | Jabba the hutt]].