TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 1
A lost mining facility

We all started at Nar Shaddaa. C3-P9 entered telling Clarkk that Bargos the hutt wanted to make him an offer, the droid wouldn’t suggest to refuse.
Workers rally outside the palace.
Bargos wanted us to travel to a newly won mine, investigating why the mine has gone silent and hopefully secure the last missing payment of 100.000 credits. Negotiations started badly, but took a turn for the better when the workers attacked the place, and we defended Bargos and his main man Genko. We got a deal of 15%.
RorKazza got wounded but after a few weeks got ready again.
We arrived at the mine, and found out that the droids had rebelled against the lifeforms operating the facility. After defeating the overseer droid and fixing the failing generators, we gained a overview of the situation.

  • A few miners survived.
  • The facility isn’t as productive as Bargos think.
  • 165.000 credits was found.
  • 20.000 had to be payed to the surviving
  • 10.000 had to be payed to maintain the facility
  • A freighter with the destination of Coruscant, which lots of boxes.

Which left 135.000 credits, and Bargos only expected 100.000

Xp 10 (total of 10)

Session 2
on the way back to Bragos

We started out checking our new looted ship where we found some cool looking crates. After Baarsk opened it with a crowbar it started a acid trap in the crate which ruined the cargo after much work on the other Lancer Altair deactivated it by touching it. We found some special iron in it and some crystals afterwards we took of the mining planet and Maleas Ismaren took the new ship which blew up just before we hit hyperspace. When we should plot in a new coarse we got jumped by the empire flanked by 2 tie fighters which we quickly finished and aced out of there. When we came to Bargos the Hutt we found him in company with Mara Jade an employee of the emperor. After a longer conversation with Bargos the Hutt we decide to deliver the special iron back to the empire. When we came back to the ship Mara Jade and 5 storm troopers were there with the crate. We lead them leave peacefully after the told us that it proberly were the Rebels which placed a bomb on board of the ship Maleas Ismaren was piloting. After this we spend some credits the took of on the mission Bargos gave us, and took off to our next assignment.

10 xp (total of 20)

Session 3
A lost ship

We meet up with Reom. He told us about the legend of Sa Nalaor a treasure ship from the republic. Reom had received a message pod which pointed at the ship being at the outer fringe at outer rim. At a jungle planat called Cholganna with lots of nexu. We should gain information about it and try to recover lots of technology. Everything should be delived to Raxus Prime. We should take a droid with us IT-3P0. Payment would be 10.000 credit and reduced debt with the hutts. The credits would be multiplied if important technology were discovered.

We bought stuff for the mission and went to a cantina to wait for the droid. Here we were ambushed by rodians, from The Yiyar Clan a scavengers guild. Even though we stunned the enemy one died so we got arrested. An imperial agent shot the rodians and officers and proposed a counteroffer, for bringing the the technology to Coruscant instead.

We arrived at hangar, the droid was late. Lancer Altair and Baarsk went to the office to check and found a ransacked place with Reom being heavily wounded. They stabilized him, picked him up and quickly went back to the hanger. Meanwhile 5 rodians arrived at the hanger with the disabled droid. HK 48 K1LR and Clarkk Huggins quickly dispersed of the rodians. And fled the station and went into hyperspace.

16 xp (36 total)
Gained obligation 5 (Hunted by The Wheels security)

Session 4
Exploration of Cholganna

We arrived at Cholgannas system where we got caught in a asteroide field. The Titan took alot of damage and after geting out of there we engaged 2 star fighters which we took out fairly easy. Then we scanned the planet and found some remains of one of the escape pods. After landing on the planet we were going on foot where Lancer and HK fell in a pit after that we found the escape pod and the black box. After burning some bugs Clark got the black box out and uploaded it to IT-3P0 which made it possible to calculate the 2 paths of the ship which had broken up. On our way back to The Titan we got ambushed by 3 giant spiders and a Nexu which took a bite of Lancer.

10 xp (46 total)

Session 5

We spent the night in the Titan, resting and recovering. Next day we came to a valley, which turned out to actually be the ship Sa Naloor. It was filled with water. This part of the ship was the Engine part. We climbing forward some quite some difficulty. Found 5000 credits of holo-porn. Then back to the ship, where we repaired HK. Flew to next drop point. This point also had clear signs of other salvagers, but also some kind of slime.
We found the bridge which was also looted. Except for a holoprojector with a video that showed Captain Harsel and a white haired lady Arcanian during the crash. Then suddenly 3 cyberneticly enhanced nexu attacked, Clarkk got badly wounded. But we killed the 2 and the last escaped. IT mentioned something about “she did it, she finally did it”. He was confronted and forced to share his insigth: Critalla a scientist was still alive and had experimented on the local nexu. We went out of the ship and back to the titan. Here 12 people were waiting for us with ready weapons "who are you and what were you doing in our ship?…

xp 15 (total of 61)

Session 6
It's trap

The 12 pirates threatened us. When HK wanted to kill them, one of the pirate were slicing him thereby gaining control of HK 48 K1LR. Then Baarsk decided on shooting. The fight broke out and Lancer got hit.
Then Cratala and Captain Rel Harsol, and their crew saved us, but demanded answers on what was going on.
They took us to their camp. The captain were hostile against the idea of getting off the planet, as he apperantly liked the idea of being boss of the world.
Cratala came during the evening and made a deal: If we got her away from here and away from the empire, she would cooperate.
So we ambushed the captain and the pirates at the cantina.
The captain was captured.
Next we looted the HQ, which hold a lot of precious metals with a value of about 100k.
We picked up Cratala at her lab.
Then we stole the YT-2400 the YiYar pirate had.
And flew in direction of Tattoine, the home of Jabba the Hutt, the only Hutt powerful enough to protect us from the empire, since we now had betrayed Mara Jade.

Xp 15 (total of 76)

Session 7
Tatooine (A deal with the devil "Jabba")

At the start Lancer almost immidiately crashed our new ship. Shields went down.
The night flyer comes in to some problems in an Astoride field and gets a bit roughed up but its because its a shortcut too tatooine so it avries a week before Titan and makes “good” freinds whit the Terminal lady an only needs to pay 1000 creds and we repair the night flyer after a week on tatooine Titan comes and Lancer exploits hes newly found friendship whit the Terminal lady and bargins it down from 20000 creds to 5000 creds after that we go out where there is a rodian being mocked and bullied by 7 humans on of them is one of jabbas debt collectors is trying to score some creds from Wrothy Kan but the group intervenes and kill the debt collector afterwards the group finds out that they just killed one of jabbas Lieutenant and the kind lady from the terminal tells us that jabba wants to talk to us after a short talk whit jabba we found out that he has taken control over our ships and will lend us a ship for 5000 creds a day but he has a job offer for us to get data from the exploded Death star in a heavy empire controlled space system

Tiber Saan tried to kill jabba before but got cought and sent to the mines but now is a large gun dealer
Saan Consortium.

Xp 10 (total of 86)

Session 8
The second battle of Yavin

We traveled to Coruscant. At an orbital station we meet with a trader called Dawin. Tried to sell the precious metals. Agreed to 200k, and were going to make to swap in cargo bay 51.
Battle in hangar. Bluffed the officiel as some undercover agents. Dawin also payed 50k for safe transport.
Then we took off and arrived at Yavin 4.
The area was an astoride field and a Star Destroyer (Immobilizer 418 Cruiser) was stationed here. 9 tie-fighters were in the way of the path to Yavin 4.
Shoot 3 of them down. And disengaged to land of the planet.
The planet got small settlements, pyramids, and lots of impacts from debris. We concealed the ship and converged to one of the pyramids where a huge object had crushed through one of the sides.
HK 48 K1LR identified the pyramid as a jeditemple, and then talked something about order 66. Found the place of impacts, some bodies, which had been shoot. Whatever they fought over, they had taken it away. We sought after the power source, in the basement, lights turned on as Lancer walked by. In a huge atrium, we found a wierd sith storage device. Also 3 rod like devices. And a small metal box which contained a small orb.
On the way out, a hooded figure, a moff and 12 stormtroppers waited for us.

10 xp (total of 96)

Session 9
He is not even wearing armor...

Surrounded by the imperial forces with forbidden loot. After some failed bluff about being bounty hunters looking for the Saan Consortium, a battled started out. Their hooded figure clouded Lancers mind and sliced Clarkk Huggins down. But quickly the group took the vibro sword wielding maniac down. The storm troopers shoot down HK 48 K1LR. And the battled ended with Wrothy Kan shooting out a grenade that turned out to be a thermal detonator, thereby blowing up most of the building. With an uncouncious imperial agent and force sensitive agent, we left the building before their reinforcement would investigate the explosion.
Back at the ship we healed up, and interigated the imperial agent. With his cooperation we sliced his datapad and gained information about the objectives given by the Emperor himself:

Primary – Seeking out a life pod from the deathstar with a VIP prisoner.
Sekundary – Capturing or killing us.

With their imperial lambda class we scanned for the Firespray and noticed that they had just left for Correlia. In persuit the titan crew examined the loot and found out a Jedi Counsel Holocron. A history lession and epic lightsaber battles followed with Clarkk Lancer and Wrothy fighting each other. The other ship on the other hand had a bar and holographic twillek dancers.

At Correlia, we assumed the imperial identities and ordered the forces to secure the ship. The politely refused since the ship was mandalorian! We got them to surround the area, and then walked in. Here we found the mandalorian sitting and talking with Mara Jade.

10 xp (total of 106)

Session 10
Between a sith lord and a mandalorian

A talk with Jade and Fett. Who seem to had ended their business.
There were another Firespray here. Fett was payed for 20k for helping us out with information about it. Mara Jade shared information about Lancers sister Kira being in trouble, and were sold as slave labour to the planet Bespin.

At the secret hangar we found the Saan Consortium with a cryo crate.
After some bluffing about an imperial inspection, a fight started. During it a twilek starting helping us in the battle. We won, after some casualties on their side and the Saan General surrendered. We took their Firespray and locked them up inside.

15 xp (total of 121)


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