TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 1
A lost mining facility

We all started at Nar Shaddaa. C3-P9 entered telling Clarkk that Bargos the hutt wanted to make him an offer, the droid wouldn’t suggest to refuse.
Workers rally outside the palace.
Bargos wanted us to travel to a newly won mine, investigating why the mine has gone silent and hopefully secure the last missing payment of 100.000 credits. Negotiations started badly, but took a turn for the better when the workers attacked the place, and we defended Bargos and his main man Genko. We got a deal of 15%.
RorKazza got wounded but after a few weeks got ready again.
We arrived at the mine, and found out that the droids had rebelled against the lifeforms operating the facility. After defeating the overseer droid and fixing the failing generators, we gained a overview of the situation.

  • A few miners survived.
  • The facility isn’t as productive as Bargos think.
  • 165.000 credits was found.
  • 20.000 had to be payed to the surviving
  • 10.000 had to be payed to maintain the facility
  • A freighter with the destination of Coruscant, which lots of boxes.

Which left 135.000 credits, and Bargos only expected 100.000

Xp 10 (total of 10)


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