Shanara Rbi'wund

That girl is pretty and a bit like fine grained sand. She can get in *everywhere*


Shanara is a pretty, young Twi’lek girl. She detests the stereotype about her race, and prefers to be acknowledged for her skills rather than her looks.
A friend from Tatooine once described her as being like fine grained sand, because she could get in everywhere. Few locks or computers are safe from her.
She learned from an early age to move quietly, as most of those she visited would not be too thrilled to see her (especially when she was about to head off with all their credits and the security code for their sports speeder…)


Shanara grew up on the streets. She never knew her father, and her mother was a slave, owned by Seeba the Hutt. Her mother told her to sneak onto a transport, as she knew that her daughter would either be sold or killed by the Hutt (who needs an extra mouth to feed if said mouth can’t work?).
The transport’s captain weren’t too thrilled to find her on his ship, but he wasn’t stonehearted enough to just spacer her. Instead he dropped her off on Coruscant, and turned her in the direction of one of the shelters/soup kitchens with a small holdout blaster and a 30 credit credchip as her only possessions.

Life as an orphan on Coruscant was tough, but she quickly learned that her nimble fingers were good with a lock pick as well as a keyboard.

Recently, she has been “working” in an area controlled by the gang The Underminers, who aren’t happy about the competition. So, instead of an unneeded and probably messy confrontation, Shanara is looking for greener pastures elsewhere, and has started to see if a suitable ship should pass by one of the space ports. Maybe they need someone who can sweet talk their astrogation droid, or maybe they have something which is locked and needs to be unlocked. You never know where the Force will guide you…

Shanara Rbi'wund

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