TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 9

He is not even wearing armor...

Surrounded by the imperial forces with forbidden loot. After some failed bluff about being bounty hunters looking for the Saan Consortium, a battled started out. Their hooded figure clouded Lancers mind and sliced Clarkk Huggins down. But quickly the group took the vibro sword wielding maniac down. The storm troopers shoot down HK 48 K1LR. And the battled ended with Wrothy Kan shooting out a grenade that turned out to be a thermal detonator, thereby blowing up most of the building. With an uncouncious imperial agent and force sensitive agent, we left the building before their reinforcement would investigate the explosion.
Back at the ship we healed up, and interigated the imperial agent. With his cooperation we sliced his datapad and gained information about the objectives given by the Emperor himself:

Primary – Seeking out a life pod from the deathstar with a VIP prisoner.
Sekundary – Capturing or killing us.

With their imperial lambda class we scanned for the Firespray and noticed that they had just left for Correlia. In persuit the titan crew examined the loot and found out a Jedi Counsel Holocron. A history lession and epic lightsaber battles followed with Clarkk Lancer and Wrothy fighting each other. The other ship on the other hand had a bar and holographic twillek dancers.

At Correlia, we assumed the imperial identities and ordered the forces to secure the ship. The politely refused since the ship was mandalorian! We got them to surround the area, and then walked in. Here we found the mandalorian sitting and talking with Mara Jade.

10 xp (total of 106)


vincekingston doktor_fritz

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