TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 8

The second battle of Yavin

We traveled to Coruscant. At an orbital station we meet with a trader called Dawin. Tried to sell the precious metals. Agreed to 200k, and were going to make to swap in cargo bay 51.
Battle in hangar. Bluffed the officiel as some undercover agents. Dawin also payed 50k for safe transport.
Then we took off and arrived at Yavin 4.
The area was an astoride field and a Star Destroyer (Immobilizer 418 Cruiser) was stationed here. 9 tie-fighters were in the way of the path to Yavin 4.
Shoot 3 of them down. And disengaged to land of the planet.
The planet got small settlements, pyramids, and lots of impacts from debris. We concealed the ship and converged to one of the pyramids where a huge object had crushed through one of the sides.
HK 48 K1LR identified the pyramid as a jeditemple, and then talked something about order 66. Found the place of impacts, some bodies, which had been shoot. Whatever they fought over, they had taken it away. We sought after the power source, in the basement, lights turned on as Lancer walked by. In a huge atrium, we found a wierd sith storage device. Also 3 rod like devices. And a small metal box which contained a small orb.
On the way out, a hooded figure, a moff and 12 stormtroppers waited for us.

10 xp (total of 96)


vincekingston doktor_fritz

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