TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 7

Tatooine (A deal with the devil "Jabba")

At the start Lancer almost immidiately crashed our new ship. Shields went down.
The night flyer comes in to some problems in an Astoride field and gets a bit roughed up but its because its a shortcut too tatooine so it avries a week before Titan and makes “good” freinds whit the Terminal lady an only needs to pay 1000 creds and we repair the night flyer after a week on tatooine Titan comes and Lancer exploits hes newly found friendship whit the Terminal lady and bargins it down from 20000 creds to 5000 creds after that we go out where there is a rodian being mocked and bullied by 7 humans on of them is one of jabbas debt collectors is trying to score some creds from Wrothy Kan but the group intervenes and kill the debt collector afterwards the group finds out that they just killed one of jabbas Lieutenant and the kind lady from the terminal tells us that jabba wants to talk to us after a short talk whit jabba we found out that he has taken control over our ships and will lend us a ship for 5000 creds a day but he has a job offer for us to get data from the exploded Death star in a heavy empire controlled space system

Tiber Saan tried to kill jabba before but got cought and sent to the mines but now is a large gun dealer
Saan Consortium.

Xp 10 (total of 86)


vincekingston doktor_fritz

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