TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 6

It's trap

The 12 pirates threatened us. When HK wanted to kill them, one of the pirate were slicing him thereby gaining control of HK 48 K1LR. Then Baarsk decided on shooting. The fight broke out and Lancer got hit.
Then Cratala and Captain Rel Harsol, and their crew saved us, but demanded answers on what was going on.
They took us to their camp. The captain were hostile against the idea of getting off the planet, as he apperantly liked the idea of being boss of the world.
Cratala came during the evening and made a deal: If we got her away from here and away from the empire, she would cooperate.
So we ambushed the captain and the pirates at the cantina.
The captain was captured.
Next we looted the HQ, which hold a lot of precious metals with a value of about 100k.
We picked up Cratala at her lab.
Then we stole the YT-2400 the YiYar pirate had.
And flew in direction of Tattoine, the home of Jabba the Hutt, the only Hutt powerful enough to protect us from the empire, since we now had betrayed Mara Jade.

Xp 15 (total of 76)


vincekingston doktor_fritz

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