TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 5

We spent the night in the Titan, resting and recovering. Next day we came to a valley, which turned out to actually be the ship Sa Naloor. It was filled with water. This part of the ship was the Engine part. We climbing forward some quite some difficulty. Found 5000 credits of holo-porn. Then back to the ship, where we repaired HK. Flew to next drop point. This point also had clear signs of other salvagers, but also some kind of slime.
We found the bridge which was also looted. Except for a holoprojector with a video that showed Captain Harsel and a white haired lady Arcanian during the crash. Then suddenly 3 cyberneticly enhanced nexu attacked, Clarkk got badly wounded. But we killed the 2 and the last escaped. IT mentioned something about “she did it, she finally did it”. He was confronted and forced to share his insigth: Critalla a scientist was still alive and had experimented on the local nexu. We went out of the ship and back to the titan. Here 12 people were waiting for us with ready weapons "who are you and what were you doing in our ship?…

xp 15 (total of 61)


wounds taken 3
strain 3

Session 5

Wounds 6
Strain: 0

Session 5
vincekingston doktor_fritz

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