TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 4

Exploration of Cholganna

We arrived at Cholgannas system where we got caught in a asteroide field. The Titan took alot of damage and after geting out of there we engaged 2 star fighters which we took out fairly easy. Then we scanned the planet and found some remains of one of the escape pods. After landing on the planet we were going on foot where Lancer and HK fell in a pit after that we found the escape pod and the black box. After burning some bugs Clark got the black box out and uploaded it to IT-3P0 which made it possible to calculate the 2 paths of the ship which had broken up. On our way back to The Titan we got ambushed by 3 giant spiders and a Nexu which took a bite of Lancer.

10 xp (46 total)


Info from the black box
Capt. Hersal
scientist Caratla
Senator Palpatin

Damage 10 to ship

Session 4
vincekingston doktor_fritz

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