TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 12

Arys Shen took us to her home, her father started. Kira were the servant, she had changed
Hologram of gemstone, a few days the jewel of Yavin, unstealable. Action, max bids, then redirect the bids slicing, then steal.
We would share 50 – 50.

Arys had the details, but we needed an invitation. The winner of cloud racing would get an invitation. Mr. Shen had a racer we borrowed, after 18 hours of moding, we split up.
Shanara and HK investigated the action house. Baarsk and Clarkk looked into the compitition for the racer. And Rothi and Lancer signed up for the race and then started training.

We won the race by shooting off all the opponents. Even though Tarryal at the end almost got ahead, but HK then took him down.
So Rothi and Lancer were announced new “Cloud City Grand Pri – Champions”!

30 xp (total of 166)


vincekingston doktor_fritz

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