TRC - All For One and More for Me

Session 10

Between a sith lord and a mandalorian

A talk with Jade and Fett. Who seem to had ended their business.
There were another Firespray here. Fett was payed for 20k for helping us out with information about it. Mara Jade shared information about Lancers sister Kira being in trouble, and were sold as slave labour to the planet Bespin.

At the secret hangar we found the Saan Consortium with a cryo crate.
After some bluffing about an imperial inspection, a fight started. During it a twilek starting helping us in the battle. We won, after some casualties on their side and the Saan General surrendered. We took their Firespray and locked them up inside.

15 xp (total of 121)


vincekingston doktor_fritz

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